it's been like 9 degrees here this week. 
and when I say I have the 'winter blues', i'm literally telling you I am the color blue.
because i'm freaking frozen.

we are observing Lent. 
and reading through this book together.  
phil and i are giving up sweets to make more room for prayer/reflection.
we eat enough sweets that removing them will actually make more time in our day.
also, more room in our waistbands.  

we ate dinner at 10pm tonight.
that's awful.
but true.

phil helps me out with homeschooling once in a while.  
this week, for a Bible lesson, he watched Gladiator with Philly.  
and yesterday, I came home to the three of them watching a 30 for 30 on Steve Bartman.
which was a lesson on 'seeing the bigger picture' and compassion...
i'll let you make the educated guess on who's the fun parent.  

did i mention i'm frozen?
because i am.

i'm working on illustrating a book.
i know.
i'm super excited.  
and nervous.
and a little freaking out.
but half way through the process~ 
can't wait to share it with you soon!

currently reading this book, still reading this book
and looking forward to this book next.
who else reads more than one book at a time??

Darwin likes to read with me.
he is our baby.
and i think we might be irreversibly spoiling him rotten.
we actually want another one so we don't all fight over who gets to hold him next.
i am voting on naming Darwin's future brother Ken Ham.  
Phil wants 'Maximus.'
maybe we just need three cats, who knows.  

i totally did not post a Valentine's special in my shop~
usually i try to do something nice on each holiday...
but this one slipped by.  
(i'm not the romantic in our house either:)
i'll make it up to you later this weekend.
right here on me blog.  
(think freebie.)

one husband is asleep and immovable on the couch.
and two little dweebs snuck over into my bed, i think...
and i'm fading because it is almost 2am.
but i blogged! 
i'm off to kiss my hubby and snuggle my big babies.
feel free to share what you've been up to lately!



  1. I have been watering gardens - it is still very hot for here at this time of year.
    And I have been blessed to have family calling around most days, and getting grand children cuddles and dribbles and pictures.
    We are now both recovered from a bout of food poisoning that laid us low for most of last week, and disrupted all my plans - which never seem to go how I want them to anyway!!

    1. So sorry to read about the food poisoning- that is the worst!!:( glad it is over! And envious if your warn weather!:)... Send us some, please...


  2. I'm soooo glad we don't have winters like that!! It's not even freezing here during the day but I'm cold!!!
    Let spring come!!!! Or heat up the fireplace, LOL
    Can't wait to see the illustrations!! So exciting for you!

  3. Love your posts Krista. Straight from the heart take it or leave it! I have had a crumby week. I've been running a high fever since Sat. So tomorrow, it will be a week! 2 days after my fever kicked in and rendered me useless, my baby sis and her 13 year old arrived to live with us. Thank heaven for my amazing hubby who has been super Dad and picked up the slack all week. I just hope he doesn't get this horrid bug. Hugs, Wends x

  4. Hi Krista, I love reading your blog, you manage to inspire me every time I read. We are all well and as its half term here in the UK I have been spending more time with the children, we've been giving each other titles for short stories (no more than 500 words allowed to make it fair across the age groups lol) and the reading of them to each other has just been precious xx
    hugs to you and your family
    Sandie xx

  5. Sorry to hear you have been so cold Krista, But oh my look at Darwin, I have just been showing one of my furbabies Darwins pictures...she is a very fluffy cat so total opposite to Darwin. We have 4 cats and it is great, they all have such individual personalities and love to play, So I highly recommend getting Darwin some brothers and sisters :)
    Is that some new ink i spy ? I am currently trying to design my next tat...I say trying because I really am awful at drawing !
    Good luck with lent, I hope the weather warms up for you soon :) xx
    Oh and thanks for making me feel less crazy, I have have 3-4 books on the go at once and people have always told me how crazy i am for it, so it i nice to know i am not the only person who does that :) x

  6. That's really exciting news that you're illustrating a book, can't wait to see the results and find out what book it is! Must be quite nerve wracking as well working to a schedule and trying to visualise somebody else's concepts.
    . This week I have mostly been on holiday from work, and normally I would have gotten a lot of crafting done, but my daughter has been visiting so I've been spending the time with her. This afternoon I will be crafting again, trying to catch up but oh so sad because she will be gone, making the long journey home xx

  7. Good Morning, Krista, dinner at 10 p.m. sounds like my house sometimes!! We are freezing in Ohio, too, this morning we woke up to -15.... what's up with that??? My body is screaming for some warmth!!!! I just can not wait to see the book you are illustrating!!!!!!! Have a fabulous Friday!!! Hugs, Teri

  8. Those are some wonderful pics! We have moved recently- out to the country and the kids are struggling at their schools and have been begging for homeschooling. I don't think it is a possibility for us though. They don't listen to me about chores, why would they listen for their schooling?? And I worry about their social growth because we literally live really far out. We are also very cold! We are living in an RV while we build our house, generator for power so generator for heat and you can't run them continuously. I have 7 rather large kitties, Savannahs and Bengals, so when they are cold my bed gets pretty full! What an adventure this year has been. TFS Lizzy

  9. I've been praying for a break in the snow and cold. Heating expenses are so hard on many.
    And, I've given up pizza for lent. So as you can guess, I'm praying for spring to come very quickly!

  10. I can totally relate to your cold..it's -34 here today..yikes...Can't wait to see your finished project and btw i love your new addition. Have a fun, creative, loveing day!!

  11. huge hugs hunny, you did the valentine bundle for the shop and that was full of enough love to burst us all. Sending you the warmest snuggles. We've had a hard day here with the littlest paws gashing his leg down to the bone on barbed wire but thankfully he is absolutely fine and snuggled down nicely on the settee after an afternoon snooze and surgery at the vets! little monkey!! huge hugs for you all xxx

  12. Now why did I think you lived in a warm climate? Oh I know... 'cause you have a "naked kitty" lol? I love Darwin... he's so cute. And I love the way you write (it's easy to read and you cast great word pictures). Your kids are adorable and the photos are beautiful and artistic. So happy for you about the book. So deserved. We're stuck in a deep freeze (I'm in Ontario, Canada). One of the coldest winters in a long while (altho' we've escaped the snow the eastern states and eastern Canada have got). Temps with windchill have been hovering about -30 celsius (about -22 F) for far too long and not an end in sight (dogs don't even want to stay out and play and they're double-coated shelties lol). Perfect for snuggling and staying indoors ;-).

  13. aww, feelin' the cold with you - we're going crazy SNOW ville up here in Ontario! I'm totally a 'many book' reader too.. but then, you can pick an choose what you're in the mood for each time you read that way! win, win I say. Those kids, gosh... they just keep growing... it's crazy. Tell that to stop. ;o)
    love you lady.

    needle and nest design

  14. Sending you some big warm Aussie squeezes. I love that coffee mug!! :D

  15. Yes, it is a cold one this year : ) I do not get much reading done, but the books you read are always so interesting sounding. We are trying to pray more- daily if possible to say the rosary. We have a daughter teaching in China that is home for the Chinese New Year- 2 more weeks of bliss. She will head back home in June for good- she has been there teaching HS History for the past 3 years. Awesome for you to be doing illustration work- bet your pics are awesome!

  16. So glad to heear what you've been up to Krista! How super exciting that you're illustrating a book!!!! I cannot wait to see it!! Darwin is so stinking cute, I'm not suprised at all you want more. What a lil snugglebug. I have been trying to make more me time. Well, honestly, not more, but really try to make SOME time. Even if it's just 30-60 minutes to relax and color my digis a couple nights a week after the boys go to bed. We had a scare last weekend, on Valentine's. My 3 year old woke up with a temp of 102. We got it down most of the day, but around 7pm, it rapidly shot up to over 105. So we got to take a ride in the ambulance to the "hos-uh-pital" (as he calls it.) Poor lil guy. It was so scary, but thank goodness he was ok after a couple days. I have never in my life been so terrified. I'm sure as a mother it won't be the last time, but I am so grateful God was watching over us.
    Sorry you're freezing, but glad you and the family are well. ♡♡♡

  17. Great post Krista & some fab photo's! Your kitty is just adorable, I can see why you spoil him!
    We've not had a good start to the year as the house has been full of coughs & colds & sore throats! Looking forward to the day they finally depart! lol
    Dawn xx

  18. Hi Krista! As always, I look forward to your posts :) They are worth the weight! It's neat to see your photo's, hear what you've been up to and where you're heading - which by the way sounds so awesome! A book! I can't wait to see the illustrations! You don't need to freak out - you are one talented lady and it'll be awesome.

    It has been FREEZING here in Ont. We're talking -20*C during the DAY! Some nights we've hit -30 and the windchills have been insane. It's been too cold to even snow. We brought home a new addition ourselves just before Christmas (http://creationsbykw.blogspot.ca/2015/02/photoshoot-with-ace.html) and the poor little guy is just not able to cope with this cold so even though he's 4 mths old - we're still doing the inside training pads because he just can't handle it outside. He does try but certainly can't scold him for going inside! Darwin is adorable by the way!!

    Stay warm and look forward to seeing your new book!

  19. Hope things warm up for you soon! You have some heavy-duty reading there. It is interesting to wonder why teens (or even younger kids) aren't very Christian-oriented. I wonder if parents these days don't take the time to raise their children going to church, or emphasize the importance of faith. I am thankful my grandmother and mother instilled Christian values in me. I don't read more than one book at a time - whew! I don't think I could keep them straight! Have a great day!

  20. Oh, Krista--you make me laugh. Love your posts! It's cold here too. Ready for mild, warm breezes and the scent of lilacs or daffodils. . .



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